The Earagail Arts Festival is honoured to present the work of the celebrated Irish artist Patrick Scott as the centre point of the 2014 visual arts programme. Patrick sadly died in February at the age of 93 on the eve of the opening this major retrospective at IMMA. The RCC and the Glebe Gallery will present a selection of the work shown at Visual Carlow and IMMA respectively, across the two venues as a single exhibition. An Gailearaí Gaoth Dobhair will present a further exhibition of Scott’s work from the Taylor Gallery Dublin. ‘Patrick Scott: Image Space Light’ is the most comprehensive representation of this remarkable artist’s 75 year-long career ever shown. The exhibition at Visual and IMMA brought together more than 100 pieces that illustrated the breadth and longevity of his career as an architect, designer and artist. The Glebe will display Scott’s early works from the 1940s to the early 70s while the exhibition at the RCC concentrates on works from the 1960s to the present. The focus at the RCC is on Scott’s mature style epitomised by his iconic gold leaf paintings. It will also feature a number of tapestries mainly from the late 70s and a series of ash tables from the early 90s.
Patrick Scott: Regional Cultural Centre
Image: Patrick Scott
until 27 September