The 2017 Fermanagh Live Arts Festival features exhibitions, talks, workshops and cultural collaborations. An exhibition by the artist Douglas Hutton at Waterways Ireland ranges from skeletal boat wrecks to portraiture. ‘Thread Softly through Memories’ is an exhibition of textiles by Jenni McGrail in the The Jolly Sandwich in Enniskillen. ‘Postcards from Japan’ is the name of a solo show by Mavis Thomson at the Enniskillen Castle Museum. Noelle McAlindon’s exhibits a series of small works at the Barge. Finally, at South West College, the ‘Vibrant, Visual, Art Trails’ celebrates the talent of emerging artists from the college. Hutton: 6 – 30 September; McGrail: 8 – 31 September; Thomson:
26 September; McAlindon 7 September – 8 October