‘Resonance’, an exhibition that explores the relationship between glass and sound, runs at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, until 27 October. The exhibition shows the work of Róisín de Buitléar with that of Karen Donnellan, whose exhibition, ‘Cercle’, shows the recurrent motif of the circle as a symbol of both the universe and the universal, and offers a meditation on the act of drawing a circle. In the exhibition, she draws on a wide range of media including blown and cast glass, woodturning, sound, light and film and has worked with the composer Alma Kelliher to bring sound and experimental glass art together. Donnellan is interested in the relationship between sound and healing, and in Solfeggio frequencies, the scale used in ancient Gregorian chants in which there are nine tones rather than the eight of a standard octave. In the exhibition the sounds of drawing, enhanced by blown glass amplifiers, are interwoven with Solfeggio frequencies, which relate to sacred geometry and are said to have healing properties.
Resonance: National Craft Gallery
Image: Karen Donnellan
until 27 October