Bare beauty

Bare beauty


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Norman McCloskey Driftwood, Lough Leane 2013 giclée archival print 120 x 90cm


Sometimes Kenmare-based landscape photographer Norman McCloskey sets out with ‘a pre-visualised idea of an image that I want to make at a specific location in certain conditions‚’. More often than not, though, he will head out to local surroundings around the south-west of Ireland with a sense of exploration, hoping that the light will inspire him on the day. Among his influences are English photographer Jem Southam and American photographers Ansel Adams and Joel Meyerowitz. ‚'[Southam] had a direct and very definite impact on me,‚’ he says. ‚'[He showed] that I needed to work in a landscape I had a real connection to and affinity with – rather than travel all over searching for locations.‚’

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