Selected photographic essays that have been published in the Irish Arts Review

Portrait of a century

Kim Haughton’s portraits, on view now at the National Museum Collins Barracks, reflect on Ireland’s multi-layered society at the end of the first century of this nation state, writes Stephanie McBride Read More

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Beacon in the dark

From the Spring 2017 edition: While working as an intern at the NPA Mike Bors gained access to a remarkable collection created by talented amatuer, Sir Robert Ball, astromoner and scientific adviser to the Commissioners of Irish Lights. Read More

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The Galway shawl through the Clonbrock lens

From the Summer 2016 edition: In recording the traditional attire of female estate workers, Augusta Caroline Dillon of Clonbrock House, Co Galway, seemed presciently aware that her images would become historical document, writes Christiaan Corlett. Read More

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Tales of the city

From the Autumn 2016 edition: Stephanie McBride welcomes the reissue of Dublin: The Heart of the City characterized by Brendan Walsh’s elegantly composed black and white photography with essays by Ronan Sheehan. Read More

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Up close and personal

From IAR Autumn Edition: Eamonn Doyle has been lauded for his original contribution to street photography as seen in his first book ‘I’. Now with a second title, ‘On’ just launched, Ros Kavanagh gives an analysis of his method. Read More

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