Selected photographic essays that have been published in the Irish Arts Review

The Galway shawl through the Clonbrock lens

From the Summer 2016 edition: In recording the traditional attire of female estate workers, Augusta Caroline Dillon of Clonbrock House, Co Galway, seemed presciently aware that her images would become historical document, writes Christiaan Corlett.

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Tales of the city

From the Autumn 2016 edition: Stephanie McBride welcomes the reissue of Dublin: The Heart of the City characterized by Brendan Walsh’s elegantly composed black and white photography with essays by Ronan Sheehan.

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Steal away

From IAR Archive: Michael Nolan’s images of a present-day meitheal invoke much older notions of kinship and identity, writes Stephanie McBride of the photographer’s festival sketches.

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Village in the City

From the IAR Archive: Fiona Kearney reflects on Jeanette Lowe’s work, which paints an intimate portrait of the residents both past and present of Pearse House Dublin

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Up close and personal

From IAR Autumn Edition: Eamonn Doyle has been lauded for his original contribution to street photography as seen in his first book ‘I’. Now with a second title, ‘On’ just launched, Ros Kavanagh gives an analysis of his method.

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Dubliners in camera

From the IAR Archive: Ghostly traces of a Joycean city and people emerge as if from a palimpsest in Patrick Donald’s views of Dubliners, writes Stephanie McBride.

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