Night and the city

Night and the city


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Andy Sheridan
Ros Kavanagh


Andy Sheridan’s nocturnal compositions of a city at rest joins the great tradition of the fl√¢neur, writes Ros Kavanagh

The images are of a city lit by a brackish light at dusk, devoid of people. Rough brown shapes that loom around the street lamps are the husks of dwellings and workspaces, but not a soul is seen. It’s a lonely vista. Who is behind the camera? What is their relationship to this place?

The structured compositions by Andy Sheridan present Dublin as seen by a contemporary photographer fl√¢neur. A ‘passionate spectator’, as Charles Baudelaire first imagined them, walking the city, chronicling its present. An amateur detective, as Walter Benjamin described, an investigator of the city.

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