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Dominic Turner Lake Dwelling 2015 archival pigment prints into Japanese washi

Stephanie McBride meets Dominic Turner whose art photography is created with a finesse reminiscent of a bygone age

‘I don’t think a photograph on a phone or computer screen has ever taken my breath away,’ says Dominic Turner, ‘but an original Ansel Adams print I saw up close a few years back was mind-blowingly good, even after all the hype.’

While Turner acknowledges influences from 19th-century Pictorialism, he steadfastly retains his own style and vision and is passionate about the materiality of film and printing. ‘The digital age of photography has paradoxically engendered an even narrower view of what a photograph should be,’ he says, for all the apparently limitless post-production possibilities and digital sheen of the pixel universe.

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