Capturing silence

Capturing silence
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To Capture Silence’ a joint exhibition of the work of Joe Hogan and Liz Nilsson, will run at the Source Art Centre, Thurles, 4 December to 30 January 2015. Both makers, Hogan working in basketry and Nilsson in textiles, share a fascination with line, echoed respectively in the shape of willow baskets and the linear use of thread. Although both Hogan and Nilsson have a history of making functional work, over the past decade their practices have evolved to include expressive sculptures and installations that have no functional aspect. The Connemara landscape where Hogan lives has had a profound influence on his work, and the baskets that he will show in Thurles are made with the intention to ‘recapture some of the wonder which we have lost through habitual ways of seeing’. Additionally, he will show a series of nests. Nilsson’s grey printed textile tableaux show layer upon layer of line, reflecting her interest in repetitive pattern and how repetition influences thought. She sees a common ground between the construction of cloth and the way that life is lived: layer upon layer; line by line.

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