Unique work from emerging and established designer-makers in Ireland, as featured in the Irish Arts Review.

Perspective: Annemarie Reinhold

I first saw Annemarie Reinhold’s work online. Her home page features an image of a neckpiece in fine silver from her current collection. Surrounded by soft, fragile, almost translucent foliage, it comprises a cluster of gently moving leaves and seems weightless, almost ethereal; a fitting visual representation of a collection entitled ‘Treasure these Moments’. Read More

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Design Perspective – Laura Quinn

In Laura Quinn’s small residence in the Cotswolds, pages of sketches are pasted on the walls. Pencil, charcoal and pen describe potential new work to be made at a time when the glass furnace studio is next available. The drawings are the starting point for her wearable art pieces, theatrical confections of leather, rubber, metal and intricately worked glass reminiscent of the energy of Sonja Landweer’s jewellery. Read More

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