The stones of Inishmore

Daragh Muldowney Foundation 2018


While the patterns set by drystone walls on Inishmore present a harmonious picture of land and occupant, Daragh Muldowney’s overarching concern is for the planet, writes Stephanie McBride

Photographer Daragh Muldowney’s latest project about Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands, shows a strong sense of the eco-sublime, of nature experienced in wonder and fear, as an elemental vastness yet with a strong sense of local geography. His work joins an evolving tradition of visual art exploring these island landscapes. It is a tradition that has built up over time, gradually, like geological strata; and it has many ghostly traces or footsteps of those who came before, such as the writer JM Synge and the painter Paul Henry, born within five years of each other.

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