At the Alan Cristea Gallery, the exhibition ‘Protest and Remembrance’ brings together work by Miriam de Búrca, Joy Gerrard, Mary Griffiths, and Barbara Walker, all of whom use drawing to examine elements of protest and/or remembrance through a range of subjects. de Búrca focuses on ‘cilliní’, burial sites of those considered ‘unsuitable’ for consecrated ground, examining the plant life that grow from these grounds. Drawing on image-making and themes of protest and urban space, Gerrard archives and remakes media-born crowd images from around the world. Working in Japanese ink, she has made new paintings and drawings of protest scenes from London, including the recent anti-Trump demonstration, and the anti-Brexit march which passed by the doors of the gallery in which they are exhibited.
Protest and Remembrance: 28 February – 30 March