The unbearable lightness of being

The unbearable lightness of being


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Maud Cotter
Sarah Kelleher


MAUD COTTER falling into many pieces (one) 2016 stainless steel, aeroboard, plaster, cotton wool 120x80x60cm latex sheeting Finnish ply 152x60x41cm


Maud Cotter’s sculptures loom large without being monumental, writes Sarah Kelleher ahead of the artist’s exhibition at Limerick City Gallery of Art this autumn

Maud Cotter’s new exhibition ‘A consequence of – without stilling’ at Limerick City Gallery continues a train of thought initiated with matter of fact, first shown in the Domobaal Gallery in London in 2016. Loosely based on the form of an air filter, matter of fact (Fig 4) consists of a complex radial framework which forms a drum of concentric circles, holding within it a cylindrical structure of layered, honeycomb card. Monumental in scale and emphatically linear, matter of fact’s spare, whip-thin armature continues Cotter’s project of countering the massiveness of sculpture.

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