Porous boundaries

Porous boundaries


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John Rainey Face Off 2016 Parian porcelain, powder coated steel, glass eyes, silicone rubber 30(h) x 60(w) x 25(d) cm


John Rainey tells Michael Waldron that he designs environments for his work to exist in, thereby reversing the dynamic so that we exist within their world for a period of time

As two half-length classical male nudes regard each other, one leans gently towards the other, which recoils or see-saws in response, its bright yellow plinth appearing to deflate. Playfully entitled The Deflatables (Fig 3), each figure lacks the arm that the other possesses. In place of these missing limbs, we find air valves and, despite these buoyant associations, the figures are in fact made of black Parian porcelain. This is not the status quo. Enter the world of John Rainey.

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